Washington, D.C. Security Jobs

The hub of all of the government agencies of the United States is in the capital – Washington, D.C. This means that there is a constant great need for security in this city and in the suburbs around it to protect our national data and secrets. Security jobs in Washington, D.C. are available in abundance, as well as opportunities to be able to move up the ladder later on.

Many Security Jobs Are Available in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is also the headquarters of many government agencies that deal with national security in some capacity. If you like the prospect of working in government agencies, then you will have your pick. You can work choose to work with the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, the TSA, and many more.

The types of jobs available would include security guards of all ranks, security analysts, security engineers, jobs in cybersecurity, software developers, IT security, and much more. Some would require having security clearances and other jobs would not.

A Security Clearance Adds to Your Employability

Many civilian companies right outside the city are also there that deal directly with government contracts. They also have needs for security of various types. This is one place where having had a security clearance from your military service will come in very handy. After you get out of the service, or no longer have a need for the clearance, you have 24 months until the process will need to be started again.

Due to the nature of many of the buildings and facilities in Washington, D.C., it is recommended that you go after employers who will help you get a security clearance. Many security jobs in this city require them, and it will certainly enlarge your attractiveness to many more employers. Having a clearance could also add between $5,000 to $15,000 per year to your salary.

Entry-Level Security Jobs Available in the Government

One agency that hires entry-level security people is Homeland Security, and the TSA. With the Washington-Dulles Airport nearby, there is opportunity to get a security job there as well – if you have a clearance. Part-time work with the TSA may also be available. They provide internships for students, and hire entry-level employees, veterans, retirees, and even active-duty veterans who are recovering from injuries.

Bodyguards and Secret Service Are Also Security Jobs in Washington, D.C.

The Secret Service is another great opportunity, if you have what it takes to qualify. Protecting the President of the United States is a great responsibility and it certainly will provide excellent opportunities for future career growth as well. Other security jobs in Washington, D.C. could include bodyguard type services (executive security jobs) if you are willing to consider the life of the one you are guarding to be of utmost importance, then you may qualify.

The average salary of a security guard in Washington, D.C. is 15 percent higher than elsewhere in the nation, says Indeed.com. Pay ranges from about $25,000 up to more than $130,000 for Embassy security.

Quick Facts About Security Positions in D.C.

Job Title: Security Guard
Tasks: Protect property, an area, people, or computer systems by walking around area, watching monitors, driving, or working on computers. These are highly restricted areas.
Training: Each position requires specialized training and only certain ranks may be eligible for some positions and tasks.
Special Skills Required: Need security clearance, possibly a college degree, and military or law enforcement experience may also be necessary.
Salary: Starts out at $25,000 and goes up to $130,000.

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