Security Management Jobs

Almost every place that there is a need for security, there is also the need for security managers. Someone with a little more experience and knowledge will always be needed to lead the others and be able to make authoritative and informed decisions.

Security manager jobs are open across all fields of security, and those who are sharp and continue to learn more about the industry will be able to move up the ladder. They are needed to supervise security guard positions in corporate, retail, and government security, on college campuses, in computer security, and more.

Requirements for Security Managers Jobs

Security managers can have a wide range of responsibilities. Because the security field is constantly changing, they will be required to know what is happening in the field, and the new technology, too. Some employers will require that they have a degree in Criminal Justice or Business Administration, and at least two years of experience as a manager, and three to five years’ experience as a security guard.

Some security guard companies offer specialized training for a security operations manager. This is not a universal requirement, however, since they do vary from one state to the next. If the managers are required to do any training of security guards, special licenses and certifications may apply.

Responsibilities of Security Managers

Security manager jobs include such responsibilities as making risk management assessments, ensuring that state and Federal guidelines are followed, and working with other law enforcement authorities as needed. They will probably also do the hiring, drug testing, providing background checks, scheduling security guard shifts, and filling out reports as needed.

The job of an information security manager is to ensure that the company’s computer systems remain safe. They must create security policies and put security practices and software in place, such as firewalls. They also must develop and utilize emergency procedures to ensure protection of the data and computer systems. It is necessary to be a constant learner in this field and knowledgeable of computer systems and possible threats.

Resort security managers are hired to manage the security teams at a resort – often timeshare or vacation. They may need to have at least a two-year degree in some area of law enforcement or related study. Their responsibilities are similar to other security managers, but they have the advantage of working in a luxurious environment. They are responsible to ensure security systems are working properly, doing investigations when there are violations, hiring and firing, and more. Working for a resort company may enable you to select some ideal locations – worldwide.

Salary in Security Manager Jobs

Those in security manager jobs can rise considerably and can get paid well for their services. Salary will depend on the company, but may start out around $46,000 and go up to more than $182,000 depending on the level. Moving around some may be necessary, however, in order to raise to high levels. Government security management positions should also be considered.

Quick Facts About Careers in Security Management

Title: Security Manager
Training Needed:

  • Certification as a security guard; firearms training and licensing.
  • Military experience, or law enforcement experience, may be preferred.

Education: An Associate’s Degree in Business or Law Enforcement.
Tasks May Include: Hiring and firing of security guards, assigning schedules, ensuring compliance with laws, serves as a liaison with the police department. Computer security managers oversee the computer network and security personnel. Conducts investigations.
Special Requirements: Manager experience.
Salary: $46,000 – $182,000. Expect some overtime.

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