NBA Basketball Jobs & Internships

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional sports league made up of 30 teams. It was established in June of 1946 in New York City. The league was originally called the “Basketball Association of America.” The present name for the League was adopted in 1949.

Working for the National Basketball Association

A person who would be a good fit for a job with the NBA is someone who is high energy and thrives in a fast-paced work environment. This is an organization that prizes innovation in its workers. The NBA hires people for the following types of employment opportunities:

The NBA Values Individuals with High Energy and a Want to Excel
  1. Jobs in League Offices
  2. Front Office Jobs
  3. NBA Store Positions

Jobs in League Offices

Opportunities in league offices include jobs in the following departments:

  1. Basketball Operations
  2. Benefits
  3. Broadcast Operations
  4. Business Development
  5. Communications
  6. Creative Services
  7. Events & Attractions
  8. Facilities and Administration
  9. Finance
  10. Global Merchandising Group
  11. Human Resources
  12. Information Technology
  13. League Operations
  14. Legal
  15. Marketing
  16. Security
  17. Strategic Development

The JobMonkey Job Center lists all the NBA job openings and lets you apply online. Fast and easy! Clicking on the job title reveals a description of the position, as well as the education and experience required to be considered.

Front Office Jobs

People who would like to be considered for front office jobs are asked to choose the NBA, WNBA or NBA Development League Team they are interested in working with. Front office jobs include positions in the following job categories:

  1. Administration/General Management
  2. Communications
  3. Facility Operations/Security
  4. Finance
  5. Legal
  6. Player/Basketball Relations
  7. Retail
  8. Sales, Service and Marketing
  9. Technical Services

Front Office Internships

A number of internships are available to college students who are interested in working in the front office of an NBA team. The are unpaid opportunities, but participants can get college credit for participating. Interns are also responsible for finding housing and traveling to the city where they will be working.

Interns are hired for a minimum of 12 weeks. Full and part-time internships are offered by the NBA. Applicants must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher to be considered, and interested individuals can set up an account and apply online.

NBA Store Positions

The NBA Store is located at 5th Avenue and 52nd Street in New York City. This is a unique retail operation offering customers a selection of official NBA sportswear. To see available jobs at the NBA store, candidates can visit the NBA Job Search page and select “Retail” under the Functional Area menu to see available positions and submit an application online.

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