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Have you thought about a career on the high seas? The number of open seagoing jobs is greater than the number of solid applicants! Use JobMonkey to find employment on cruise ships, commercial fishing boats, workboats, freighters, and other types of vessels. Beyond that we cover the diving industry too!

Learn about entry-level positions and positions that require training – we even tell you where to get the training. New job listings every day plus employment advice you won’t find elsewhere.

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Work on a Cruise Ship

Enjoy and exciting career working on a cruise ship. Sail the world on a floating hotel as part of the staff. Learn the ropes right now.

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Maritime Jobs

Become a merchant marine or find other opportunities in the maritime industry. Land- or ship-based positions. Learn the industry, find openings.

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Alaska Fishing Jobs

Alaska fishing industry – Cannery, processing plant, fishing boat & deckhand jobs. Hard work, adventure, and great pay!

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Diving Jobs

Earn your living as a diver. Discover jobs in the commercial and recreational diving industry. Position overviews, job search tips, and leads.

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Riverboat Casino Jobs

Learn about seasonal and year-round jobs on riverboat casinos. Ply America’s famous rivers in style – and get paid!

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Commercial Diving Jobs

Being a commercial diver can be lucrative but dangerous too. Learn what training is required and how to break into the industry.

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