June 16, 2017

29 Adrenaline Pumping Jobs For High Intensity People

Life is short and you need to live your life to the fullest at all times. If you’re in constant search of high intensity adventures then maybe you should focus your job search on adrenaline pumping jobs.

An adrenaline junkie climbing a sheer rock face with a mountain in the background

What Are The Most Adventurous Careers?

Adrenaline pumping jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Any job where you are under constant pressure, facing danger, living life on the edge, or pushing your physical and mental comfort zones might qualify. Basically if you go to work each day and you plan to expect the unexpected, then you have a high intensity job.

The following list of adrenaline pumping jobs come from both mainstream professions and careers that are a bit unexpected. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, these jobs might be perfect for you.

  1. Emergency Room Doctors
  2. Professional Athletes
  3. Police Officers
  4. Demolition Experts
  5. Firefighters
  6. Smokejumpers
  7. Stuntman
  8. Correctional Officers
  9. Explosive Experts/Blasters
  10. Adventure Filmmakers
  11. Bush Pilots
  12. Skydiving Instructors
  13. Security Contractors
  14. Wildlife Photographers
  15. Combat Engineers
  16. Helicopter Pilots
  17. Adventure Guides
  18. Snipers
  19. Travel Writers
  20. Wildlife Wranglers
  21. Bomb Squad Technicians
  22. Rodeo Clowns
  23. Commercial Divers
  24. Loggers
  25. Mountain Guides
  26. Whitewater Rafting Guides
  27. SWAT Teams
  28. Airplane Repo Professionals
  29. Bounty Hunters

If you’re keen to steer clear of a boring old desk job and actively seek out a job that’s a rush, then you should highly consider finding one of these adrenaline pumping jobs. Whether you’re after a life of adventure, a job that places you in danger, or want the thrill of living life with a bit or risk, you’ll thrive when you find an adrenaline pumping job.

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