Advice for the Ranch Interview

Drew (Wrangler): Be sure to convey to your interviewer how much experience you have had with horses and with people.

It always helps to throw in a tasteful joke or two or to tell a great story.

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Cass (Barn Boss): I would tell someone that they need to be ready to have a family. We’re all uproots, away from our homes, and friends, and family. But we all become one big family with drama, fights, and songs, whatever here at our ranch. You need to be prepared to fit into this family if you want to work here.

Cyril (Office): You can’t be a tenderfoot, you need to be able to take criticism if needed, and be willing to not just do your job…you need to be a ‘team player’ for sure.

Luci (Has held many ranch jobs): Get in the door early. If you’re applying for a summer position, most ranches are done hiring by mid-spring. If you are applying for a winter position they are usually done by August. Another thing: be yourself not who the people who are hiring you want you to be. Anything that you say you can do, you better be able to because you never know when you’ll have to perform that task.


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