Why Work for a Dude Ranch?

Drew (Wrangler): I enjoy working on dude ranches because I enjoy meeting new people and developing close relationships with them. I also enjoy working on dude ranches because I love working with horses and the activities at the ranch including: hiking, shooting, camping, and the other outdoor stuff. Anyone interested in working outdoors should consider a dude ranch.

Cass (Barn Boss): I just fell into dude ranching, but now I would choose it as a lifestyle I want to live because I love the work. The people, the horses, the interactions, it’s wonderful.

Chelsea (housekeeping): I chose to apply to a dude ranch for this summer because I wanted to experience new and unique things.

I wanted to explore more of the country as well as having the opportunity to work with both animals and people.

Mike (chef): I picked a dude ranch job because I am interested in cooking in a way I haven’t before. I have worked as a caterer and in a corporate and non-corporate restraint. Now I am wanting something new and fresh.

Cyril (Office, but not afraid to get dirty doing anything!): I really want to work outdoors with animals, preferably horses. My biggest joy is working around people and kids.

Luci (Over the years housekeeper, wrangler, cook, office manager): I chose dude ranching because of my dream to own a ranch one day. That was back when I first started ranching in 2001. Now I am working on dude ranches because I’ve realized that this is where my heart lies. I have tried to leave the business but it always draws me back.


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