Work for Sundance Trail Ranch

Drew (Wrangler): I choose Sundance Trail because it is located perfectly. It is only 2 hours from Denver and the ranch’s backyard is the Roosevelt National Forest. I also choose Sundance trail above all the other dude ranches in the nation because it is smaller than most other ranches so it will be easier to remember names and develop relationships with the guests.

Video of Sundance Trail Guest Ranch

Cass (Barn Boss): It has a down-home feel. There is no Mrs., no Mr., no Dr., no titles at all and that is just so relaxing to call everybody by their first names, like you’re all friends.

Chelsea (Housekeeping): I chose Sundance Trail ranch because as I researched the many different ranches I kept coming back to their particular ranch. I liked that I was not stuck to one particular job for the entire summer. I also liked the fact that teamwork was emphasized as well as telling jokes.

Mike (Chef): Ellen was nice on the phone and seemed to want the same work environment that I wanted.

Cyril (Office): If you look on the website it’s everything all included for guests, so that means lots of different things to do with the horses and guests.

Luci (Over the years housekeeper, wrangler, cook, office manager): I chose Sundance quite randomly. I had been offered a summer job with another ranch so to make my decision I said that I would go with the one who sent me their contract first. That just so happened to be STR.


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