Returning Staff –
What Keeps ‘Em Coming Back?

Drew (Wrangler): I am coming back to the ranch because I love the atmosphere of the ranch I work at. I have made so many friends in the past and am still communicating with a lot of them. I am anxious to meet new people and develop relationships with them. I am also returning because I love the way our ranch is designed; guests have the option to do so many different things and as a worker’s point of view it is similar to vacationing all summer long.

Cass (Barn Boss): I’m not sure if I’m returning staff exactly (Can you come back if you never left?), but I have stayed on for two summer seasons and a winter season so I’m going to answer anyway. The horses. No, the atmospheres of you’re home, you’re surrounded by friends, and life is good. I love the staff here, it just seems that by the end of the summer, everybody is so close. And Dan and Ellen, the owners, are just great to us, valuing our input and opinions and all.

Cyril (Office): Returning to Sundance means renewing friendships and the owners are great!

Luci (Over the years housekeeper, wrangler, seasonal cook, office manager): I would come back in a heartbeat. The atmosphere, the people, the scenery, the good times all make it worthwhile. There’s a family feel to it. Not just because families are the group that we cater to but also because from the moment you step foot on the property you are treated as family. You feel like you’ve come home. Don’t get me wrong there is hard work to be done but it’s all worth it in the end. The only thing real tough about the job is that the staff do not have a private place of their own. Somewhere that the guests are not allowed, where the staff can bond and relax for a few moments.


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