Resources for Faith and Religion Based Job Seekers


No one book or guide can provide every detail you can learn about a particular topic, especially when things change so rapidly today. Below are some books and links to Web sites that may help provide you with more details and information, so you can begin to launch your faith-based career as soon as possible.


The Christian’s Career Journey: Finding the Job God Designed for You, by Susan Britton Whitcomb
Finding A Job God’s Way (Moving into the HOV Lane of Your Career), by David Rawles
48 Days to the Work You Love: An Interactive Study with CD (Audio), by Dan Miller
Discovering God’s Blueprint for Your Career: A Christian’s Job Search Guide, by John Lybarger
The Job Hunters Handbook: A Christian Guide, by Rodney S. Laughlin
The Christian job hunter: A step-by-step guide to career planning, by Pamela J. Moran
Open for booking: Rabbis find few job opportunities in slow economy: An article from: Los Angeles Business Journal, by David Haldane
Jewish Women on the Way Up: The Challenge of Family, Career and Community, by Rela M. Geffen
Part-time, summer and volunteer jobs for Jewish and other minority group youth, by Daniel Sinick

Web Sites

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