Religious and Faith-Based Jobs Abroad

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, there are opportunities for you to find jobs outside of the United States. Many faith-based organizations operate locations in other countries, and these organizations need many of the same people as their counterparts in the United States.

There are Opportunities for Church Members to Work Abroad

If you are a member of clergy, a teacher, or in the medical profession, you will find a number of places where you can work. Other jobs, like translators, are also in high demand abroad.

Most Christian churches have churches on a global basis where clergy members could potentially go to lead a church. You must be fluent in the native language and have a deep knowledge of that country’s languages and culture. There are also many opportunities to do mission work, or provide services such as food, clothing, medical assistance, and shelter at many third world countries. While a large number of people providing these services are volunteers, there are salaried positions for those who organize and lead this kind of mission work. In addition, there are many Christian schools in various countries that need teachers. And college-age students may be able to obtain work as camp counselors at Christian summer camps for kids.

There are similar Jewish and Islamic organizations abroad. For those practicing the Judaic faith, you may be especially interested in working for a time in Israel. There are special programs available that may allow you to do so. For more information, see some of the Web sites listed on our Religious Career Resources page, or speak with your rabbi. Additionally, there are opportunities for teaching and working at non-profit organizations.

Those practicing the Islamic faith also have many opportunities for working abroad. As an imam you could lead a mosque in another country, work at an Islamic center, or teach. The most important thing to know is that in countries where the Islamic faith is the predominant faith, you will be expected to have an intimate knowledge of the Shari’ah in the Qur’an.

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