Finding Faith Related Jobs

The good news is that the number of most faith-based jobs is expected to grow faster than the average rate of other jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. So finding a faith-based job in the coming years will be easier than in years past. However, you still need to know where to look! The best place to find a faith-based job depends on what job you are seeking and what faith it is connected to. For example, Jewish clergy jobs are usually placed through the seminary school you attended. However, for non-clergy and other positions, there are some common ways to find job openings.

The Internet is a Great Way to Find Faith Based Jobs in the World Today


In years past, networking meant attending business functions, introducing yourself to other attendees, and handing out your business card. Today that is just a part of what it means to network. Online social and professional networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook offer unique opportunities for people to explore potential business and employment possibilities. Members to the sites can post their profiles and let others know their professional goals and achievements. Networking should also include membership in professional associations. These associations often post jobs that only other members are privy to, so you will be competing with a much smaller pool of people. In addition, associations often provide helpful tips and information for starting and advancing your career. Lastly, networking means keeping your eyes and ears open when in any social setting. If you hear someone mention that his church is looking for a new office manager and that is your field of interest, do not hesitate to speak up and ask how you should apply. Employers often hire someone who has been recommended by a current employee or someone they know, so this is always a great way to be among the first applicants considered for the job. While networking is not always the most effective method to obtain a clergy position, it is still a great way to keep you informed of opportunities.

Online Job Sites/Want Ads

In addition to the larger Internet job sites like JobMonkey and, there are some websites that offer industry-specific job postings.

You’ll find an extensive list of these sites on our Religious Career Resources page. Use a search engine and type in the job title you are interested in to discover job sites and postings related to your search. Be careful, however, before posting personal information such as your resume on any site. There are sites that are fishing for that information rather than matching job seekers with positions. Thoroughly review a site, the number and type of postings it contains, and the employers who are using it before posting your personal information.

In addition to Internet job sites, there are online lists such as Craig’s List that also contain job postings. And of course there are the more traditional methods such as want ads in your local newspaper or employment guides.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Most colleges and universities offer job placement services for their graduates and alumni. For members of clergy, this may be the ONLY way you obtain employment, although some Christian denominations will place you in a church if you are working toward ordination in their system. Visit your school’s job placement services Web site for current job postings.

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