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The passenger rail line known as Amtrak started out in 1971 as the nation’s passenger train, linking over 500 destinations in over 46 states.

Officially known as The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak is owned by the federal government with members of the board of directors being appointed by the President and the Senate. The rail corporation employs over 19,000 people in various capacities such as conductors, engineers, baggage handlers, diner car staff, yardmasters and signal technicians.

Amtrak doesn’t concern itself with the transport of any cargo other than passengers.

In fact, the rail line carries over 28 million passengers per year, owing in large part to the high cost of gasoline. Many people, who otherwise never took the train, have seen what a cost-saving measure it can be compared to driving to work in an automobile everyday.

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Amtrak is a Top Employer

Many positions on Amtrak trains consist of multi-tasking. Conductors not only take tickets and greet passengers but also handle baggage and help with orchestrating the movement of rail cars and trains from track to track while in depot. Most trains have a conductor and an assistant conductor to handle the many tasks onboard the train.

Working for Amtrak as a conductor requires employees to take an eight-week course as well as a written test and 90-day probationary period working alongside a real train crew. Most conductors are part of the United Transportation Union or the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. The same follows for many trade employees of railroad companies. Another position that people may not be aware of onboard trains is the Amtrak police force. These employees work as part of a train team and have pretty much the same duties as air marshals have on airplanes. They provide unobtrusive and effective security for the passengers onboard the trains. You can find out more about working for Amtrak at the following link which details the responsibilities and qualifications of many of the positions onboard Amtrak trains.

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