Union Pacific Railroad Job Information

When you start working with Union Pacific, you’ll find that this company is unlike a lot of other railroad companies. For one thing, they believe in trying to operate their business as environmentally-friendly as they possibly can.

Many of the positions available working with this company stress environmental concerns and how to best deal with them on the job.

Union Pacific has more than 8,000 locomotive engines and over 100,000 freight cars operating on a track system that covers 23 states and 32,000 miles. The company has a tremendous need for technical and skilled labor at every skill level. Workers looking to get hired who have a journeyman’s card, military training or work experience will find it much easier to begin work with Union Pacific quickly. The company also offers on-the-job training to workers without previous railroad experience, which means you can get paid while you’re learning your trade.

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Union Pacific Pay & Job Descriptions

Starting out as a switch or brake person will give you a good idea of what ground traffic control means to a railroad. Working at these jobs will allow you to learn all the basic jobs onboard a train and can lead to a career as a conductor or locomotive engineer. Because of the nature of the work, most personnel doing this work are on the job more than 40 hours a week, often working weekends and holidays as well. Starting out in this position with Union Pacific, you can expect to earn up to $40,000 annually.

Freight car repairers are essential to the operation of any railroad and working for Union Pacific can lead to a rewarding future. Working in this position will require you to inspect, repair and maintain freight cars using everything from basic hand tools to specialized repair and maintenance equipment. To become a freight car repairer you need to have four years of experience or a journeyman’s card that allows you to work on rail cars on your own. Workers starting out in this position with Union Pacific regularly earn $21.75 an hour and more, depending on location and union agreements in your area.


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