List of Railroad Job Resources & Training Programs

The following resources will help you make a more informed decision about working for the railway.

Whether you want to find out a bit more about certain training programs that will help you get the railway job you want or you’re looking for specific job positions within your local area, these links should prove useful.

Job Resources

The Rail Serve website has a wide assortment of information on rail jobs and the training you’ll need for each. The home page has many links to everything about trains and railroads.

There is a monthly list put up at the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board that lists many of the railway job positions opening up across the country.

Some of these positions open up due to retirements or other reasons but that’s all good for you.

A list of positions opening up in the railway industry can also be found at Rail Jobs. See: Website. Simply click on the tab at the top of the page that says ‘search jobs’ to be taken to a list of positions that are available across the country.

Railroad Training Resources

The National Academy of Railroad Sciences at Johnson County Community College in Kansas offers an Associate Degree in Railroad Operations. For more information simply click on the link and make a start on the career of your dreams.

Many universities and colleges in both Canada and the United States offer training programs that will help you start working for the railroad company of your choice. Some of the education facilities and courses include:

The Railway Association of Canada has a very helpful site that can help you decide if working on a railway is right for you: Career on Track website.


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