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CSX has many long-term positions available including management, engineering, transportation operations and mechanical. The company provides management training programs as well as training sessions for conductors and intern/apprentices.

Many universities and colleges offer intern and cooperative education programs in link with CSX human resource personnel. The majority of positions at CSX are covered under contract and collective bargaining agreements reached with union officials.

The salaries and benefit packages are generally very competitive and include comprehensive dental, vision and health plans. Training programs are generally held in a classroom setting for several weeks with some field training for the basic skills required. Trainees are then sent to the territory they’ll be working in to get a feel for the area. Training is usually done as part of a team and on-the-job training helps complete your education.

Trainees with some heavy machinery or military experience usually have a better chance of getting hired quickly by any railway company.

Types of CSX Positions

Working for CSX, you’ll have every opportunity to show what you can do on the job. When you’re challenged, you can show how the skills and experience you’ve learned in the past can be applied to solve any problem or situation. Whether it’s as a conductor being in charge of train engines and rail cars or as a freight car repairer making sure that all the rail cars and locomotive engines are in top shape, the work is never boring and always rewarding.

A few positions available with CSX include:

  • Assistant Signal Worker – assists with inspection, installation and repair of all the various railway signals including rail yard and grade crossing protective equipment. This position has an hourly salary of $21.80-$24.05 depending on seniority and experience.
  • Freight Conductor – is responsible for supervising freight crews while loading and unloading freight from rail cars in the yard or industrial locations. The annual salary is $43,000 for first year positions.
  • Train Dispatchers – direct and coordinate railroad traffic ensuring it stays safe and runs on time. Salary for trainees is $110-$180 a day, classroom and site training. Experienced dispatchers can earn $235-$280 a day.

Here’s a link to a comprehensive list of CSX positions and responsibilities. You’ll find a great deal of information on the position you might like to fill.

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