Railroad Management and Logistics Job Overview

Just as in any other large corporate industry, the management of a railroad requires many specially-trained personnel.

These managers, supervisors and highly-trained technicians have the responsibility of ensuring that the trains stay running, the railway operates at its most efficient level possible and that all railway personnel work together effectively.

Some specific jobs require years of school classroom training while other jobs are picked up through years of experience working for the railway.

Corporate Jobs

All railroad companies have to make sure that their trains run on time and that all the rail cars are filled to capacity in order to ensure that the railroad makes a profit on each and every trip.

The Transportation Logistics Manager is responsible for creating and issuing train lists for yardmasters so that each train can be loaded and transported with the proper cargo in each car.

This position requires the employee to have an excellent sense of organization and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all other railway personnel. As with all management careers, the Transportation Logistics Manager must have good to excellent computer and communication skills.

The job generally pays very well with the average annual salary being in the range of $86,500 to $92,100 (depending on work location within the country).

Assistant General Managers are responsible for ensuring that the rail operations are run effectively on a day-to-day basis, utilizing an efficient use of personnel and materials to get the job done.

While assisting the General Manager in his duties, the Assistant General Manager also holds interviews and hires new staff including the implementation of training and safety programs as well as providing a clear explanation of duties and responsibilities for each employee. Analyzing monthly performance charts and making changes to the daily operations of the rail line are also part of the duties associated with this position.

Assistant General Managers must be able to communicate effectively with both senior management and subordinate employees and have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of running a successful railroad company.

The annual salary for employees in this career ranges from $78,550 to $86,475.

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