Working for Burlington Northern and Santa Fe

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad company is one of the nation’s largest transportation corporations with a workforce of 39,000 employees and over 6,700 locomotive engines pulling 220,000 railcars across North America.

In 2000, Canadian National (CN), Canada’s largest railway company, merged its operations with BNSF to allow it to better serve customers along the western coast of both Canada and the U.S. The merger makes the combined company the largest railway corporation in North America covering over 80,000 kilometers of track with a combined workforce of 67,000 employees. The merger allowed for the creation of a direct link between the huge U.S. container port on the Pacific coast and the CN port in Halifax on Canada’s East Coast.

BNSF is the Biggest Railway Company

BNSF has been in operation for well over 150 years and shows no signs of slowing down its forward momentum as it moves into the 21st century.

The company has many positions among its large fleet of trains for employees in the transportation, engineering and mechanical divisions. Among the many positions that the company is always seeking to fill are conductors, engineers, diesel mechanics and signal maintenance personnel. Many of the positions such as signal foreman, track maintainer and track welder are service trades that the company is usually actively searching out. Some of the mechanical positions that BNSF are usually looking to fill include diesel mechanic, pipe fitter, railcar repairer and electricians.

BNSF also has a long history of hiring personnel with military experience. From conductor job trainees to skilled craftsmen, the company always tries to fill positions with employees from a military background as it ensures the position will be filled by an employee with valuable skills and life experience.

The company recognizes and values the sacrifice made by members of the military and endeavors to offer rewarding and satisfying new career paths to these brave individuals. The company also offers internships and management trainee programs for graduating students thinking of a career in the railroad industry.

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