How Railways Benefit Lives & Industry

Trains and railways affect our lives in a variety of ways we may not always realize. Passengers traveling across country get there safely and quickly with the use of trains and railway systems.

Most of the commodities that manufacturers need to create the products we buy are transported around the country in and on rail cars. Such items as steel, coal and other materials are regularly transported to and from these factories and the resulting manufactured items end up in stores and other sales facilities for us to buy.

In many countries around the world, the train is a necessary form of transportation as the communities are very far apart and though there are rough roads…not many people have cars.

In India, for example, thousands of people climb in – and on – every square foot of space on each train in order to hitch a free ride home or to work. That definitely wouldn’t be allowed on any train on North American railways.

Trains for Travel

Because it’s a cheaper way to travel when compared with airlines, train travel has become a popular way for tourists to see the sights of the country. For instance, Alaska by rail is extremely popular and why shouldn’t it be? Rather than simply flying over the country from above the clouds and missing all the scenery below, train travel offers much better scenery and unspoiled landscapes for passengers.

There are special train tours that take passengers through mountain ranges and breathtaking valleys all while you’re on vacation onboard the train. Passengers stay on the train for days at a time and have a luxurious berth with comfortable bed and sitting area. The food on these tour trains usually ranges from snack foods to gourmet meals – whichever you prefer and some of them even offer berth service (like room service in a hotel) for late-night snackers.

Because rail lines travel through areas that car drivers normally don’t get to see, the views are usually better and more exciting than any that are beside highways. Many people also take their families along on these tours so they can spend more time together.

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