Get a Streetcar Operator Job

As major cities in North America grow, the need for efficient and economical ways to move citizens from one area to another grows in importance.

Many cities build new rail systems that can accommodate streetcar systems because this mode of transport is cheaper to fund and operate than underground subway systems.

Streetcar operators drive electric-powered trolleys that transport passengers over generally short distances within the city. The cars ride on recessed rails usually set into the surface of the street. Operators need to follow signals and observe many of the same rules as other city vehicles. Fares are sometimes taken, though in many cases this is done at kiosks before passengers board the streetcar itself.

Streetcar Operator Requirements

If you have an interest in this form of transportation work, you can check out the following steps. Also, read about truck driver jobs in that section of JobMonkey. They’re somewhat similar in many ways.

  • Most transportation employees need to have a minimum of a high school education. Most companies will provide any additional training you need to do the specified work.
  • Get to know everything you can about how streetcars work. The training that will be provided will come to you easier if you have a good understanding of the basic system starting out.
  • You should be in good physical condition and be able to make quick judgments. Being out of shape may actually hinder your ability to perform your job well.
  • Research job openings at your local Department of Transportation website for positions in your area. You should also have good communication skills in order to do your job well.
  • When you find a position you feel qualified for, be sure to apply for it as soon as possible as many of these jobs don’t last long before they’re filled. You should become proficient in writing good cover letters in order to impress the HR personnel reading your applications.


The hourly wage for streetcar operator jobs ranges from $19.72 to $28.65 depending on the experience you have, the location of the work and the company you work for. Some of the best states to work as a streetcar operator in are Texas ($21.07 per hour), Ohio ($22.82 per hour) and California ($28.65 per hour).

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