Working for Canadian National Railway

For well over 175 years, Canadian National Railway has been transporting passengers and freight across the country.

Many Canadian cities and towns grew up along the rail depots that spanned the country from coast to coast. Today, the company employs an average of 22,696 employees working on rail lines that cover not only eight Canadian provinces but 16 U.S. states as well. The company has the only transcontinental network in North America and the largest rail line system in Canada. The company has trains and rail cars on 20,421 miles of track in both Canada and the U.S.

Job Opportunities with Canadian National

The Canadian National Railway offers a challenging and rewarding environment which provides opportunities for a variety of railroad career choices. As with any railway line, it takes a variety of specially-trained personnel to ensure that the trains stay running and the freight and passengers get through safely and on time.

The following positions are in constant demand and training is oftentimes provided by the company.

Crew Dispatchers – identify the proper employees needed to fill job vacancies such as conductors, yardmasters, and locomotive engineers on a shift and creates a work schedule to get the job done.

Personnel are then notified of their shifts with specific details being provided by the crew dispatcher.

Conductors – help with the switching of rail cars, whether on the track or in rail yards. By communicating with supervisors, engineers and other railway personnel, conductors help to ensure that the proper rail cars are attached to the right locomotives. Canadian National provides conductor trainees with in-house training programs. Conductors can progress to Traffic Coordinator or even Locomotive Engineer positions after three-years on the job.

Many training facilities in North America offer Conductor training. If you live in Canada you can visit Career on Track for course information and programs established by the Railway Association of Canada. If you live in the U.S. you can find program information on Conductor training at Railroad Training available through the National Academy of Railway Science in Kansas.

The JobMonkey Job Center is where you’ll find the most current Canadian National job postings. Search now and then apply online!

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