Retail Sales Associate


This interview is with Kerry, a clerk at Sears.

What motivated you to get a job at Sears?
I wasn’t specifically looking to work in retail, but I needed a job during college. A friend of mine worked at Sears and mentioned that there were openings in the automotive department. So, I applied.

Was the hiring process difficult?
Nah. I filled out an application, and then was called back a few days later for a phone interview.

I went in the next day and they offered me a job.

Wow, is it that easy for everyone?
If you haven’t had any problems with past employers, yes. I’ve been at Sears for three years, and there are always openings. At least, there are in my department. If you are really worried about getting in, apply right before the holidays, when they’re really looking for people. They may call it a seasonal job, but chances are that you’ll be hired in a regular position after the holidays are over, as long as you’ve been a good employee. That’s probably how it is at just about every retailer.

What keeps you working at Sears?
It’s generally a good place to work. I work on commission now, so I’m making more money too. Now that I’ve been here for a few years, I have seniority, so I make the better sales most of the time. They reward dedication to the store.

Do you imagine staying in the retail industry for the rest of your career?
A few years ago, I would have laughed at that. I thought retail jobs were like, what you did after school or while you were out of work. Now, though, I’m not sure. I could definitely make a career out of this. Maybe not on the sales floor, but you have to start somewhere. I’d like to be a store manager someday or maybe work in corporate.

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