Retail Grocery Store Manager – Interview

This interview is with Brook, an manager at Weis Supermarkets

How did you get started in the retail business?
For me, this was just an after-school job. I started in the meat department because that’s where they needed someone the most help. From there, I moved to the seafood department because a few people quit there. When the manager position came open in that department, they offered it to me right away. I took it – more money!

Why do you think you were offered the manager job over other employees?

I think I showed the most dedication. Working in a grocery store, at least at the base level, isn’t really a career aspiration of anyone. But, I showed up on time every day and didn’t have a bad attitude.

What are some of your responsibilities as manager?
Working in a grocery store is probably no different than being a manager at any kind of store. We’re responsible for our people. My biggest responsibility is making the schedule. And, if someone doesn’t show up, I have to cover their shift and talk to them about it. I’m also in charge of inventory. Most of my responsibilities, though, are the same as the responsibilities of the people I manage.

Would you recommend this career to others?
Like I said, being a base-level employee at a grocery store is not a career choice for most people. It pays the bills. However, I do recommend it for people who want to work their way up to higher retail positions. About a year after becoming the seafood manager, I was offered the position as vice-manager of the entire store. I couldn’t take the job for personal reasons, but it is easy to see how you can keep moving up the ladder.

What advice do you have for someone looking to get a grocery store job?
Just show up on time and do your work. They aren’t looking for brain surgeons, and they know that you don’t roll out of bed in the morning and love being a cashier or a stocker. But, they do reward you for dedication. So, if you keep on working hard, you’ll get those promotions and eventually, you will be in a job that you love.

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