Retail Jobs – Finding Openings

Finding a retail job is usually not a big problem. Because of the nature of the business and the typical age of the people that retail chains employ, turnover is relatively high and many retail stores are constantly on the lookout for new employees, particularly those with some skill in retail sales already.

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If you are looking for a retail job, start with any new stores that are coming to your town. Any retail store that is “coming soon” is guaranteed to be hiring new employees from the local populace since there is no existing sales team to get them started. As an added benefit, you get to learn the store from the inside out as you help set things up for the grand opening, and you will have the benefit of exactly the same training as everyone else working with you, putting you on equal footing from the start. Visit the site of the new business, where they will often have signs posted stating how you can apply. A visit to the web site of the chain might also be beneficial if there are no such signs.

If there are no new businesses springing up locally, then look at your favorite stores to see if there are “now hiring” signs in the windows or at the registers. You are better off checking out stores that you enjoy shopping at first, because the chances of you enjoying your job (and therefore performing well) are better if you already like where you will be working. If your favorite stores are not hiring, check out other local businesses to see if they are.

Another good way to find local retail jobs is to check out online job sites searching for retail jobs in your area. Some will even let you apply online, and you might find a job that sounds appealing and that you otherwise might not have thought of on your own. You can also use these sites to find out which stores are hiring and apply in person instead.

Finally, you can talk to friends who are also in the retail business to find out if there are openings at any of the places that they work. You may be able to find a job through contacts that you otherwise could not, especially if, for example, your friend knows of someone who will soon be quitting. In this way, you can squeeze into a new opening before any other job-seekers even know it is there.

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