Retail Corporate Management

As you work your way up the ladder, the top of that ladder is in corporate management. Not all retail stores have corporate management. Remember, a retail store can be anything from Sears to a small mom-and-pop shop. In a smaller shop, the store owner will take over the roles of corporate management.

However, for a large company, there are dozens – perhaps even hundreds – of employees that make up corporate management. These employees range from accountants to legal to presidents. There are assistants and junior associates as well. Although you need a degree to work in corporate management, it is also important to note that experience means a lot here. Working your way up the ranks is the best way to become head of the company someday.

The main task of anyone working in corporate management is to direct the company and, hopefully, make a large profit. Specific responsibilities of corporate managers include the following:

  • Maintaining accurate financial records
  • Handling employee and customer lawsuits
  • Writing company policy
  • Meeting with investors
  • Collaborating to revise the company mission statement
  • Overseeing the budget
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Running company networks
  • Researching customer wants and needs
  • Pricing
  • Planning daily operations
  • And much, much more

Although corporate managers often don’t out-right own the company, their paychecks correspond with how well the company does. The stock market comes into play here, as do investors and employee relations.

Unlike other retail jobs, corporate management workers aren’t usually directly involved with sales. Instead, they fuel the fire, making sales possible. Headquarters may be located in a larger city, like Los Angeles or New York, with branches all over the country. So, in these jobs, you’ll often fly to stores all across the United State. Of course, the pay rate is higher, but you’ll have more invested in the company. This is a good job for someone who really wants to make a difference.

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