Summer and Seasonal Retail Jobs

If you are interested in a retail job, but don’t want to be tied down or committed to a job for a long time, or if you are looking for work during your break from school and don’t want to be stuck having to quit at the end of the season when you go back, a seasonal retail job is perfect for you.

Seasonal retail jobs mostly refer to the winter season, when consumers get bundled up for their holiday shopping and hit the stores in hoards. Most retail stores are not staffed to handle such a rush, and would be wasting money keeping such a high staff level during most of the year. Those stores hire holiday workers or seasonal workers instead, who get jobs with the retail companies for just a couple of months, usually starting in November and ending in mid January when the post holiday sales and rush of returns have slowed down.

In places where summer tourism is huge, there are also summer jobs available for people willing to work for the summer season before returning to school when the season is over. This helps the companies keep up with the tourism rush without having to hire and lay off workers who were not expecting to be let go. A good example would be summer jobs in Alaska where many small town see a surge in tourism between May and October.

Seasonal work can be a great way to make some extra money while you are on your breaks from school, and can be the perfect thing to fill your time until your break is over. At the same time, you can help out the retail companies and build up your resume with a steady stream of short-term jobs, especially if the same company or companies continue to hire you back for seasonal work time after time.

It can be a great way to show future bosses that you are reliable and dependable, as you were not fired or laid off from your job, but simply ended the term of the employment. If the same company hires you back, future employers will see that even though you were only a seasonal worker, you were valuable enough to that company that they wanted you back. In this way, seasonal retail work can really build up your resume for future employment.

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