Retail Store Managers

Becoming a store manager isn’t about having the best education – it is about being the most experienced. In many cases, the store managers are chosen by the regional manager or the store’s owner, so the job is very competitive and important.

A store manager has the responsibility of running teams of employees in order to sell the most merchandise possible. In most cases, there is a lead store manager in charge of the entire store, but if it is large enough, there may also be multiple lesser managers. Each manager is in charge of a department or shirt, and their duties are all similar – motivate employees to sell, sell, sell!

Store managers do many jobs during a shift. In addition to performing many of the same tasks that typical retail clerks and cashiers do, a store manager also may perform a number of other tasks, such as:

  • Making the employee schedule
  • Filing with paperwork
  • Inspiring team members
  • Dealing with customer problems
  • Brainstorming with other managers new sales ideas
  • Filling in when employees are ill
  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Evaluating employees

In most cases, store managers must work their way up through the ranks. Usually, store managers have been with that very store for a number of years, starting as a retail stocker or on the sales floor. Sometimes, when the store is part of a chain, a manager may come from another branch instead of from the branch with the opening. However, it is rare that a store manager is hired without having any experience in that particular store.

As a store manager, you’ll get paid more money and have a more stable schedule. Some store managers work the typical 9-to-5 work week, and many are even on salary and receive benefits.

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