Education and Training Requirements

If you are concerned about the education required for working in retail, you shouldn’t worry. Most entry-level retail jobs do not even require that you have a high school diploma, and will allow students to work for them as long as the students are responsible with their given duties. This is a great way for young people to start working at a young age and to learn about the life of an employee before graduating high school and being forced into the real world.

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Some other retail stores require a high school diploma as a minimal proof of education, but do not require any more education than that as long as the applicant is capable of doing the job set before him or her. The level of education is not very important for those who are supposed to be working on things like stocking, and the registers tell the cashiers how much money to give back to the customers. Don’t forget to look into online learning programs related to sales, mangement, and customer service.

Training, however, might be required of any employee, and can include all kinds of things related to job function. Training is not typically required before hiring, but is done by the employer after the employee has been hired. During the course of working in the retail job, you may be sent away for training seminars or participate in in-house training days to learn new skills.

An employee might be trained on the proper way to lift heavy objects, how to work the cash registers, or how to restock shelves, among other things. Each company will have their own training processes and their own special jobs that require special training.

Bookstores, for example, have to train people to scan books to check stock levels and how to alphabetize books on the shelves by author. This training is done on company time, and is paid time for the trainee.

As you work up the ladder, however, you may find that you need a degree to continue getting promotions. While many stores have managers with just high school diplomas, you’ll be required to have a degree to work in a field such as financial management or human resources. Retail Merchandisers and Retail Buyers also usually have degrees. If you are with a company long enough, however, look at the education options they offer. Some companies will reimburse your for higher education!

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