Jobs and Internships at Nordstrom

Nordstrom was established in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom. The company started off as a shoe store, but over the years has grown into an upscale department store with 380 stores located in 40 states. Nordstrom’s now carries clothing items, handbags, jewelry, fragrances, and cosmetics. Some stores carry home furnishings.

Femal Shopping at Nordstrom

The culture at Nordstrom favors promoting qualified employees from within to fill available positions. A person can be hired to work on the retail floor and promoted to a Department Manager position. From that point, they may be considered for opportunities as Buyers or Merchandisers that open up. Nordstrom was included in Fortune magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Working at Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers its employees a comprehensive benefits plan that includes:

  1. 401(k) Plan & Profit Sharing with a Roth 401(k) Option
  2. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  3. Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  4. Group Home/Auto Insurance
  5. Group Legal Services
  6. Health Benefits (Medical/Dental/Vision)
  7. Leave of Absence Program
  8. Life Insurance
  9. Long Term Care Insurance
  10. Long Term Disability
  11. Merchandise Discount
  12. Paid Time Off
  13. Sabbatical Leave
  14. Short Term Disability

Jobs Available at Nordstrom

Here are some examples of the categories of jobs that may be available at Nordstrom:

  1. Cooks
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Information Specialist
  4. Loss Prevention
  5. Maintenance
  6. Merchandising
  7. Restaurant Manager
  8. Retail Sales

Internships at Nordstrom

This company offers summer internships for students enrolled in Retail Management or Fashion Merchandising.

The program is open to people who are in their junior or senior year and involves working with experienced Nordstrom employees, the chance to participate in a number of sales events, and gaining practical experience. Interns are paid a competitive wage and are entitled to employee discounts.

At the end of the internship period, successful individuals are offered a position as either a Salesperson or an Assistant Manager, depending on available position and their own preference. To apply for an internship at Nordstrom, visit the Internship page of the company website.

How to Get a Job at Nordstrom

Available positions at Nordstrom are listed in the JobMonkey Job Center. Find job from every Division, Category, City and State. Click on a link in the search results to see a detailed job description.

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