Retail Electronics Department

The electronics department of just about any department store is sure to be filled to brimming with all kinds of goodies and products of a very expensive nature. This is one of the few departments (along with the Retail Jewelry Department) in a typical department store that is almost continually fully staffed, as shoplifting is common. The staff of the department should be able to keep a careful eye out to ensure that no one is walking out with merchandise that they did not pay for, and the security alarms on many electronics sections help to enforce this as well, allowing people to pay for their goods right there in the department before leaving the section.

The electronics department consists of big appliances like televisions, VCRs, and DVD players, and smaller electronics like cameras, handheld game consoles, stereos, radios, and even cell phones. They also often contain games and other related accessories as well. Next to the electronics department or sometimes inside it are other sections with things like the computer accessories, movies, and CDs.

Working in the electronics department can be great fun, as you get to see all the new games as they come in and see how people respond to them. You will get to know which games are the most popular, and which are not worth the money through talking to your customers.

Like the automotive and tool department, you do have to have some basic knowledge of the products when you work in this department, as customers will often ask technical questions. Because the items are often big-ticket, some department stores offer a commission to clerks in this department, making it a great option for you if you’re really motivated to sell.

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