Retail Departments

Other Common Departments

There are many different departments in most retail stores. Some of them are frequently staffed like the jewelry department, some that most often go unstaffed except when customers need help, such as the retail pet department. Other departments, like the health and beauty departments, might or might not have staff on hand depending on the type of department store that you are shopping in and the level of customer service at the department store itself. Here are some other common retail departments:

  • Some department stores also now include a pharmaceutical department, wherein they actually sell prescription medications to people who need them, all in one convenient place. This kind of job requires a relevant degree, and is not the kind of job that you can apply for and learn while you are working.
  • The health and beauty departments are full of products that make people either happier or feel better, both of which tend to create grateful and pleasant customers. At chain discount stores, this section will include shampoos and soaps, while in larger department stores this section will include perfume and make-up.
  • Usually found near the tools or the electronics departments, most department stores have an appliances section. Working in appliances is usually on commission plus salary, although it depends on your specific store.
  • Some stores have a toy department. However, if you really want to work in toys, check out a store that is specifically made to sell them.
  • Home departments are common. Some stores even split “home” up by room to include departments for kitchen, bedding, bathroom, and so forth.
  • Another typical department, usually found near the home or electronics departments, is the office supplies department. Office supplies might include things like paper and pens, but some stores have rather large office supply departments that include things like printers, fax machines, and office furniture.
  • Craft departments are common in discount chain stores such as Kmart, or you can get a job in a craft superstore that specializes in crafting supplies. Within these large crafting stores, you’ll find departments like floral, beading, paint, and framing.
  • Although some stores combine it with their tool department, the outdoor department (or sports department) can be its own separate part of the store. Here, you’ll sell sports equipment, hunting and fishing gear, and items for your yard and deck.

In short, if you can buy it, there’s a department for it! Some stores have even more specialized departments – it depends on each specific store.

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