Full Sail’s Online Video Game Design Program

For those who choose not to go to a traditional college or university, there are other options. One program mentioned by the video gaming industry
insider was Full Sail, which bills itself as “real world education” and one of the “premier media arts colleges in the world.”

Video Game Animator

Located in Orlando, Florida, the school offers master’s, bachelor’s and associates degrees in a range of programs, including game development and computer animation. In twenty-one months, a student can be started in a career developing, designing and programming games. Courses include topics such as artificial intelligence, game networking, structures of game design, physics, and linear algebra.

One of the benefits for students who study either at a university or a program like Full Sail is the hands-on experience. In the real world of video game design, like in any industry, employees must be ready to deal with all sorts of unforeseen challenges. The practical experience of creating their own video game at school as part of a team helps prepare students for the real-world situations that may arise on the job.

Whatever path a student chooses on the way to becoming a video game designer, it’s obviously not a career for slackers. Video game designing requires a broad range of knowledge and abilities – technological savvy, artistic vision, strong communication and interpersonal skills and an overriding sense of fun. For those who decide to follow their dream to design video games, there are increasing opportunities within an industry that continues to expand.

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