Cruise Ship Youth Counselor Jobs

Youth counselor jobs are rewarding, whether they’re seasonal or more permanent in nature. On cruise ships, summer camp counselor jobs became increasingly popular as cruise lines began to cater events towards small children. Although most families will say they are taking a family vacation, there are some instances where parents would enjoy some time away from the kids. This is where childcare jobs come into play.

Cruise Ship Youth Counselor Boarding Cruise Ship After Shopping in Port

Youth counselors on a cruise ship are often synonymous with childcare jobs and babysitting. On some ships, counselors are even called childcare nannies. Youth counselors watch children while their parents enjoy more mature activities onboard. They plan activities, games, ship excursions and play or educate the children. Any responsibility a babysitter or nanny might have, a youth counselor would also have on a cruise ship. Serving snacks and meals for example, as well as cleaning up after the children will also likely be involved.

If you have ever had a summer camp counselor job or been a youth volunteer you will probably make a good candidate for a cruise ship childcare job. Those with experience in the childcare industry are usually at an advantage.

Because children can only accompany their parents on lengthy cruises during the summer months (due to school schedules) youth counselors are usually hired in larger numbers during the summer months, making it ideal work for college students. Of course, you really have to love kids in this job. One counselor described her experience this way:

“The ship I was assigned to sailed mainly the Caribbean all summer, but sometimes I hardly noticed my surroundings, because the children took up so much of my time. Most days I had to look after and entertain kids for twelve hours, which could get really exhausting. There’s no way I could have survived the summer if I didn’t really enjoy children and have such a strong interest in recreation and child development (my major in school). We did get time off though, particularly on port days; and when I wasn’t catching up on rest I usually swam and went diving with the other counselors, with whom I developed really close friendships.”

Although the job can be challenging, cruise ship youth counselors often find themselves spending most of their time onboard playing games. It is common for counselors to become friendly with certain families and most report back with fun and memorable experiences working onboard as a camp counselor.

Cruise ship experience can be a great segue and resume builder for people studying child development or education in school.

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