Getting To Know The Cruise Industry

Does the idea of sailing the Seven Seas and getting paid for it appeal to you? If you have the itch to travel and you are interested in meeting people from all over the world, consider working for a cruise line. The cruise ship business is booming, and that means there are numerous job opportunities for people who are interested in working in this industry. Not all jobs in the cruise industry involve setting foot on board a ship; this industry also hires workers for a number of shore-based jobs.

Applying for Cruise Ship Jobs is All About Doing Your Research

How many passengers are welcomed onto cruise ships annually? In 2020, a record 32 million passengers are projected to take a cruise. The majority of passengers who chose to take a cruise boarded ships from North American ports.

There are many different types of ships offering vacation trips to passengers. There are employment opportunities offered by the major cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess Cruises and Holland America – just to name a few. These employers operate floating resorts offering a growing number of amenities to passengers, which creates an abundance of opportunities for people like you! Consider the possibilities:

Other small companies specialize in providing seasonal travel to specific locations. Cruise lines offering passage on smaller ships that travel on rivers and smaller waterways are a popular choice for passengers. Rather than being on board a vessel with a few thousand passengers and crew members, a small harbor or eco-cruise line offers a more intimate atmosphere for travelers and employees alike.Cruise Job photo If working at sea is of interest then yacht crewing jobs(check out our yacht crewing employment details) may also be of interest. They’re available through crewing agencies and private yacht owners.

The cruise industry is truly an international one and employers hire qualified workers from all over the world. Some employers accept applications from job seekers directly, while others work with trusted partners – staffing agencies – to find qualified candidates. JobMonkey explains how the process works so that you can present yourself in the best possible way to concessionaires and staffing agencies to get a cruise line job.

There are definite advantages to working in this industry. Workers get the chance to travel to various locations around the world while receiving a paycheck for doing so. Once a person gets hired for a shipboard job, the employer looks after arranging transportation to a location where the employee can board the ship. The employment arrangement includes room and board, and the money isn’t bad, either.

If you are interested in seasonal work, the cruise industry may have something for you. Not all cruise companies operate on a year-round basis. You can look to companies offering Alaska cruises for job opportunities, or check out cruise companies operating out of any city located on the water. There are companies operating in this industry located in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, in the Great Lakes region, as well as other ports around the world.

What kinds of jobs are available in the cruise industry? If you have experience in retail, customer service or the hospitality industry, consider applying for a job in a floating workplace. Not all jobs require previous experience; there are entry-level employment opportunities available as well. Be sure to check out the handy glossary of terms so that you are familiar with the words that apply to this industry before applying for a position.

Check out this section of JobMonkey to get detailed information about the different types of employment opportunities available in this industry.

We cover shore-based and onboard positions, including the following:

We also profile the major cruise lines operating today. Check out the JobMonkey profiles on these major players in the industry to find:

Working on a cruise ship offers a unique atmosphere where employees get to work in the travel industry while traveling themselves. It is a good choice for people who like working with the public and are interested in seeing the world as well. These floating resorts offer a number of different types of employment opportunities. Job seekers who are interested in working in a growing industry where no two days are exactly the same should consider adding cruise lines to their list of potential employers.

For people who are interested in working in the travel industry while staying put, cruise lines also offer a number of shore-based jobs to those who are interested in working in a customer service or administrative capacity. As a group, cruise lines are doing well and this is a great employment choice for people who want to be part of a growing industry.

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