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Carnival Cruise Lines, “The Fun Ships” operated by Carnival Corporation is one of the largest cruise line operators in the world. Carnival Corporation not only operates Carnival Cruise Lines but several other cruise operators as well.

Carnival is one of the Most Recognizable Cruise Liners

Princess Cruises, Holland America, Costa Cruises and P&O Cruises are just to name a few of Carnival’s other popular operating cruise ships. While the Carnival Corporation wasn’t coined until 1993, Carnival Cruise Lines begun building ships as early as 1972. Since its conception these brands, all told, service 84 ships with more scheduled for build and delivery. Carnival itself operates more than 20 different ships, a fleet that began in 1985.

Jobs with Carnival represent some of the best and most exciting in the industry. Travel, money, paid accommodations and tropical locations are just some of the reasons people turn to cruise ships for overseas employment. Carnival’s ships primarily sail to the Caribbean representing a strong allure for employees who are looking to work in a sunny and warm locale. However a large portion of Carnival’s ships also provide access to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, across the Atlantic into Europe and in the northeastern waters of the United States and Canada.

This means from both a customer’s and employee’s point of view, you can go practically anywhere by being a part of Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival currently employs more than 3,000 people at its land based jobs and nearly 30,000 ship employees. Carnival employees receive salary, basic medical, dental and vision, short term disability insurance, life insurance, 401K, employee assistance, tuition reimbursement and discounted travel programs. Each of these benefits will vary depending on the type of job and the duration you work under Carnival’s employ.

Carnival Cruise Lines doesn’t openly advertise for every job that is available on the ship. It is common for the cruise ship industry to accept applications rather then post for ship jobs that are currently open or available. If you’re interested in working on the ship, Carnival suggests that you send in a resume for the position you might be interested in or go through a cruise job operator. There are also links on the Carnival home page for applicants to apply within certain departments. Casino, Entertainment, A/V Media, Shopping Assistance, Gift Shops, Golf, Medical, Beauty and Fitness, Photographer and Consultant are all departments that you can apply within, online. Most of these jobs are ship-based jobs, or jobs that require you to stay on the ship while you are working.

For example as a ship-based employee you could be in charge of leading onboard activities for guests. Or, perhaps you are interested in bartending at the casino, dancing on stage as an entertainer, helping clients with their bags, working as a member of the kitchen staff, being a lifeguard at the pool or working at an onboard spa. There are seemingly endless jobs available through Carnival Cruise Lines for people who are interested in working on a ship.

Jobs like those in Carnival’s corporate office are another way to be apart of the cruise ship industry but not have to constantly travel or be away from your family. Carnival’s corporate jobs or land based department also accepts online applications from the Carnival website in addition to accepting unsolicited resumes and cover letters. Some of the land based jobs you can find through Carnival might be in sales, booking trips with future clients, marketing, finance or even management and job recruiting.

Carnival’s wages will ultimately depend on your job and work experience but cruise jobs are ultimately so popular because of the large amount of savings you can bring in by working as a ship employee.

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