Jobs with Disney Cruise Line

If you love children and lots of fun then look no further than Disney Cruise Line for the perfect onboard cruise job. Disney Cruise Lines offers family oriented people family style cruises that are perfect for adults and children alike.

Disney Cruise Lines Offer Thematic Disney Experiences Along the High Seas

Cruise Line began their magical cruises when they first started operating in 1998 with their first ship, the Disney Magic. Their fleet has continued to grow, now with several state-of-the art vessels. This means for future employees that in the upcoming years a significant number of jobs will need to be filled in order to operate the new boats. With cruises that are organized and planned so that adults and children can both enjoy cruising, some cruises itineraries include stops at Disney World before heading to the sandy beaches and clear waters of the Caribbean. While Disney cruises also include some itineraries that are more adult in nature, every cruise will stop at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island; equipped with island hotel and private beaches.

If you’re thinking about becoming an employee with Disney Cruise Lines consider the demographic you will likely be working with. Since Disney Cruise Line is largely geared toward families it is likely that jobs pertaining to child care and children’s activities will be in higher demand then in some of the other luxury cruise lines. Additionally, since many onboard jobs are customer service related consider that you will be working and dealing with children to larger degree then you would on other cruise liners. For some potential employees this is music to their ears, while others will pass for a more refined crowd. Please keep in mind though, that Disney does offer some very elegant and mature cruising options perfect for the fun-loving adult.

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While Disney cruise jobs are unique in the fact that there are more child care providers and activity coordinators than on other cruise liners, going about employment with Disney is the same as with your other major cruise liners. Ship based jobs aren’t always advertised so sending in resumes and applications even when jobs are not listed is always a good choice if you’re serious about working on a cruise. Also, the Disney website has information on the qualifications of their cruise ship workers.

Language requirements, educational background and other factors are important to the Disney cruise liner. Additionally, future employees with Disney can expect a lot of hospitality related jobs onboard. Everything from laundry staff to kitchen staff to spa and child care staff and even the gift shop must be fully staffed. It is a great way to spend a summer if you want lots of laughs and to enjoy seaside Disney-style sunsets.

Operating out of Florida means that land-based jobs are most commonly found there. Booking agents, customer service representatives and management are all required to keep the Disney team afloat, even if these staff members are not onboard.

One unique aspect about Disney employment is with Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. With a full hotel and guest services on the island, during the cruise season you can find a job working a resort style job for the cruise line without being in an office or on a cruise ship. These jobs are fewer and farther between but are great for the beach loving employee. Check the Disney Cruise Line employment site for more information on the jobs available and the qualifications required of workers on Castaway Cay. You will likely find a great deal of hospitality staff and customer service jobs listed on the island.

Disney wage is standard for the industry with savings potentials the same as with other cruise lines. Because of what you can save as an employee while working on a cruise ship, working for Disney means lots of fun and lots of cash in your pockets by the end of your contract. For more job listings that aren’t openly advertised check cruise ship job providers for your next Disney Cruise Line opportunity.

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