Cruise Ship Bartender Jobs

Bartenders on cruise ships are very busy people. And it’s not just because almost everyone onboard is looking for his or her next cocktail (although, this certainly does keep bartenders busy). Bartenders are needed in a number of places on the ship: on lounges, cruise decks, and even casinos. The flow of alcohol is plentiful onboard any popular cruise liner because it is common for people to enjoy having drinks during dinner, shows, while gambling and by the pool. Find out more about becoming a bartender and consider this page your bartender’s guide to cruise ship jobs.

Cruise Ship Bartender Mixing Drinks for Cruise Passengers

In addition to serving and mixing drinks, bartenders must look after all aspects of the lounge to which they are assigned. This can include direct responsibilities like stocking the bar, prepping for happy hours, over looking schedules, and cleanliness. Because bartenders manage a bar staff beneath them, they must also oversee the people in their area to make sure everyone is doing their job. Bartenders must be expert mixologists, and cruise lines always demand prior bartending and staff experience before hiring ship bartenders.

Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of any professional bartender is keeping the customers happy. An outgoing, friendly personality is a prerequisite for any successful bartender. While appealing to customers of all kinds, bartenders must be patient with customers but know when to be firm if the situation calls for action.

Bartending income on cruise ships comes largely from tips, although bar managers and senior staff will be paid a nice salary. Earnings in the range of $1,800 to $2,800 a month are common. Bar Managers, who will sometimes manage the entire cruise ship bar staff, can make as much as $3,800 a month in salary.

In addition to making good money, bartenders who work on a cruise ship have the opportunity to travel. Also, bartending is a job that is almost always in demand within the service industry, making a cruise ship the perfect place to gain more bartending experience.

If you’re dead set on bartending in a fun environment — and would like to pursue opportunities outside the cruise industry — then consider ski resort bartending jobs. True, it’s not the same as working on a cruise ship but there are good times to be had. The JobMonkey Ski Resort Jobs Section details the entire industry.

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