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MMD Wiper

A wiper is the starting point for an individual in the engine room. Their specific responsibility is to keep the engine room and all its equipment clean. The wiper can also be part of an engineering watch team. They share the responsibility with the Ordinary Seaman to keep the interior spaces of a ship clean. This is an apprentice role and there is more learning than doing. This job provides a great experience to gain a clear idea of what an engineering career entails. There is no experience necessary, only an Merchant Mariners Document (MMD) through the Coast Guard. Go to the Coast Guard Website and click on the “new mariners” tab. A medical physical, drug test, background check and application are all you need to get started. The work and pay differ from ship to ship, company to union.

Maritime Engineer Jobs are Paid very Well Within the Industry

MMD Oiler, Motorman, Electrician, FWT (Fireman Water Tender), Jr. Engineer, Reefer Technician

All of these maritime jobs have specialized training and sea time requirements. They can be an engine room watch standing position, or a daily job around the ship. It all depends how the vessel in structured with personnel. The electrician and reefer tech. are usually the day jobs, where FWT, Motorman, and Jr. Engineer are usually watch standing positions as part of an engineering team. All these rates are called QMED, or “Qualified Member of the Engine Department,” and take a certain amount of sea time and formal training to qualify.

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The daily wage can be up to $175-$320 a day. Consult the USCG Website for all the requirements for QMED.

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