Third Mate Jobs

LIC Third Mate (3/0)

A third officer, or mate, is the first stepping stone as a licensed officer. The responsibilities of a third mate, or mate, is to stand bridge watches and pilot the vessel to and from harbors or job sites using all navigational means. A third mate is in charge of a bridge team, if applicable and reports directly to the Captain or Master on bridge and conning (shiphandling) duties. Other responsibilities include docking and undocking, managing a mooring station, bow or stern, supervising the deck on cargo evolutions, conducting inspections on all ships emergency safety equipment (including, firefighting, damage control, flooding, lifeboats and rafts). The salary range, like all the other shipboard jobs, can differ from ship to ship.

Third Mate Jobs Require Prior Experience in the Maritime Industry

On average the pay is around $210-$400 per day and the rotation is similar to an AB but it is evened out a bit more on the time off. The longer you work onboard as an officer, the more time off you can spend, which is a big plus.

The requirements for a licensed mate of any kind is a certain amount of sea time, based on the level of license you desire, on certain vessels of appropriate gross tonnage. Meaning, you must gain sea time on the vessels in which you want to be an officer on. Big ships, small ships, inland waters, Great Lakes, fishing boats, cruise ships all have specific licenses for the officers. To find out more about it, go to the Coast Guard website and look at the requirements for a merchant marine license. The requirements are also detailed in the book, The New Hawsepipe.

Another way to obtain a merchant marine license is to graduate from a maritime academy. This track will take a number of years and an investment of money to gain the final license and degree from the academy.

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