Types of Work Boats (More)

General Cargo Carriers

When you have goods that are abnormal in shape, need special attention, or need to go to a smaller port, a general cargo carrier is the ship most often
used for transport. These ships are usually smaller than containers, bulkers, and tankers, and their distinguishing feature is that they carry their own equipment.

In other words, bulk carriers, for example, often require use of the port’s machinery to unload. General cargo carriers carry this on the ship, so they can go to smaller ports where these resources are not readily available.

Fishing Boats is Another Popular Maritime Industry

Tug Boats

Large ships simply can’t navigate through a crowded port easier. Without tug boats, there would be hundreds of collisions every year! These small (but mighty) boats are designed to pull a ship into port so it can dock. They also can do tasks such as towing offshore units and retrieving anchors and other heavy equipment. In short, when you need a small ship for a big job, tug boats are used.

Offshore Ships

Much of the world’s oil production is done on the ocean floor, miles from land. For this job, offshore ships are needed. These vessel rarely are seen in port, but play a vital role in the industry, housing crew members, transporting equipment, and acting as “land” for the machinery. They can also help to lay pipe and do drilling. Don’t forget that when there are large offshore operations, fires and other emergencies are always a threat, so these ships are also usually equipped to deal with disaster situations.

Rescue and Military Ships

When there’s an emergency on the high seas, the coast guard or another rescue organization is likely to come to your assistance. Their ships are usually fairly small and made for speed. They’re also equipped with all the supplies one needs for a rescue mission, such as blow-up life rafts, extra ropes, and medical supplies.

Of course, the military also has a number of war-time and patrol vessels, but those fall less into the “maritime” category and more into the “military” category.

Fishing Vessels

While some types of sea creatures can be caught is fairly small boats not far from the shore or even farmed, many seafood delicacies are the result of month of fishing in the middle of ocean. Fishing vessels, which actually use traps most of the time, not fishing lines, come in a range of sizes, depending on the animal they are hunting, how far from shore they will be, how many men are on the crew, and how long they expect to be gone. Learn about Alaska fishing jobs on JobMonkey.

Other Types

Of course, there are other types of ships as well – far too many to continue naming here! There are ships that carry scientists to the corners of the world to explore the ocean and ships used by the world’s weather services to predict and monitor climate. There are also ships used to break through ice in the winter so that carriers have a lane and ships that specialize in transporting cargo. Your “office” options are endless!

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