Maritime Schools and Academies

In many cases, you can advance in the maritime career by starting in a entry-level position, you can kick-start your career by getting training and
certifications from maritime schools.

For some jobs, like those with the coast guard, training is required. Although maritime jobs involve a lot of on-site learning, schooling is really where success starts.

For most who are considering ‘going back to school,’ the cost is an issue. It may be possible to get college financial aid, even student scholarships, to attend a maritime school. Check out JobMonkey’s Financial Aid 101 section to learn more.

Maritime High Schools

There are Many Avenues for Schooling in the Maritime Industry

If you have been interested in a maritime career since you were a child, you can start your maritime education before you even graduate. A number of high schools provide specific focus on the workboat industry, so considering these private schools might be a good idea.

  • Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart, Florida
  • The Marine Academy of Science and Technology in Sandy Hook, New Jersey
  • MAST Academy in Miami, Florida
  • The Palm Beach Maritime Academy Charter School in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Woods Hole Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Technical Schools for Maritime Careers

After high school, there are three main choices if you want to have a maritime industry career: you can enter the workforce in an entry-level position, you can seek technical training for certification, or you can go to college to obtain a degree. If you want an active job on a ship, technical school is most likely your best bet to get the training you need in the fastest way possible. Here are just a few of the skills you will learn while at a technical school:

  • Boat and Water Safety
  • Nautical Vocabulary
  • Basic Ship Repair and Maintenance Skills
  • Primary Deckhand Training
  • Basic Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Knot Tying
  • Rigging
  • Environmental Understanding
  • Team Work Skills

One school to look in to would be Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy located in Virginia Beach, Va. They offer over 60 Coast Guard approved courses.

A College Degree

If you are interested in management positions on a workboat or want to pursue more advanced careers, you may need a full 4-year college education, resulting in a bachelor’s degree. This type of education will help you learn more advanced skills that can’t necessarily be learned while you’re on the ship! Don’t rule out distance learning degrees, which can be acquired through accredited online college programs.

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