Second Mate Jobs

LIC Second Mate (2/0)

A second officer (mate) is coined “the navigator” on a ship.

Their responsibility lies in the safe and efficient voyage of the ship. All route planning, chart and publication corrections, bridge equipment upkeep and maintenance are the responsibility of the second mate. Along with the third mate, the second mate stands a bridge watch and is in charge of a navigational team (if applicable-on smaller ships the second mate stand the watch alone). Also, any cargo evolution can be supervised by the second mate as well as mooring evolutions.

Navigating is an Important Part of the Maritime Industry

The second officer can sail on a large variety of ships. At this stage the second mate has spent some time at sea and will know how the industry works, i.e. they know what ship they want to work on.

The salary for a second mate ranges from $300-$500 a day, depending on the ship, company or union you work for.

The time off work gets a better as you climb up the ladder, meaning you are able to afford more time off with increased pay and benefits.

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