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When you get money out of an ATM, do you ever wonder how it got there? How do retail stores always have cash available? What happens when the banks need more money? How do valuable items get transported?

Armored car teams collect, transport, guard, and deliver cash and other valuable items. The driver and the guard are responsible for both transportation and security of all valuables. They travel in a high profile, bullet resistant vehicle along established routes to predetermined pickups and drop offs.

Armored Car Drivers are Responsible for a Great Amount of Wealth

Armored car companies like, Brinks, Loomis, Dunbar, and Garda work everywhere. They visit banks, retail stores, and ATMs to ensure that there is always a steady cash flow available. Armored cars also transport other valuable items like confidential documents, paintings, rare antiques, museum artifacts, and receipts. Even the world famous $250,000,000 Hope Diamond rode in an armored car once.

Traveling through big cities in a highly visible vehicle makes armored cars prime targets for robberies. Armored car teams must always be ready for the unexpected in this dangerous job. During pickups when cash is traveling from store door to truck is when the team is most at risk.

Hijackings and robberies do happen. It’s not just Hollywood movies like Armored, Heat, and the Italian Job where armored cars are robbed. Often criminals are well armed and very dangerous. There is at least one case where an armored car guard shot the driver. Greed is definitely a health risk.

When significant amounts of money are involved, it’s always risky. To help ensure safety, armored cars are now equipped with multiple cameras both inside and out. Teams are required to drive established routes and some are satellite tracked. Teams must always be in radio contact with headquarters in case any unexpected hazards or traffic issues arise.

Armored car drivers are responsible for driving the car. The guards are responsible for collecting the money. They both wear bulletproof vests and carry a gun. The guards walk into stores like Wal-Mart to retrieve money from the safe. Moving the money to the armored car on a wheeled dolly full of moneybags and boxes full of coins is the most dangerous part of the job. The guard must load the money into the truck before the driver can drive away. The team repeats this process at malls, banks, ATMs, restaurants, and retails stores. All day they are surrounded with countless stacks of quarters and bundles of $20s. Thievery is tempting. Every action and every penny must be accounted for.

Not just anyone can be an armored car driver. When you apply to work at a licensed armored car company they will require references, drug tests, behavioral tests, and psychological profiles. Drivers need to have a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and a squeaky clean driving record. Guards need to qualify for a firearm permit. To be considered, applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Every small town and every big city has an armored car that keeps the cash flowing. Most likely you’ve seen one where you live. The massive vehicles and uniformed team are hard to miss. For riding around in a bullet resistant vehicle with huge sums of money waiting to get robbed, you can plan to make between $11 and $14 per hour or $23,000 to $32,000 per year. Most companies also include good benefits like paid vacation and health insurance.

If working in the cash transit industry sounds intriguing and you’re ready to be a bodyguard for cash, send in your resume today.

Quick Facts About Armored Car Jobs

Job Title: Armored car driver or guard
Office: Established armored car routes
Description: Collect, transport, and deliver cash and valuables to and from retail stores, banks, and ATMs
Certifications/Education: Commercial Drivers License, Firearm Permit
Necessary Skills: Trustworthy, Clean driving record and background check
Potential Employers: Armored car security carriers
Pay: $11 to $14 per hour or $23,000 to $32,000 per year

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