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What if your vacation was your life? Wouldn't that be a dream job? When was the last time you thought to yourself... that guy has a unique job, how do I do that?

You spend 5 days of every week at work. It should be fun. Why would you want to do something you didn't enjoy?

Unfortunately, many people don't realize that interesting, odd work exists. This is lucky for you because it means there are that many more sweet jobs available. A unique job, in our book, can be anything that you get paid to do that you enjoy. Believe it, cool jobs are in abundance.

You may not realize how many opportunities are right in front of your face. They exist in every nook and cranny of the world and are waiting for someone like you to jump at the opportunity. Have you ever considered a career as a lego artist, elephant trainer, surfboard shaper, boot fitter, glass blower, mime, snake milker, or voice actor. These are all jobs that people do and they all receive a paycheck for their talents and skills.

The best way to find a cool job is to consider this question…If you could work anywhere and do anything what would you do? Ride bikes? Operate cranes? Clown around? Fly planes? Brew beer? Sell art? Deliver yachts? Go shopping? The world is yours. Take advantage of the opportunities out there. There are so many options that no matter what your passion, personality, or skills there is a cool job just for you. Guaranteed.

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When you have an interesting job, you'll know it because you'll do the same thing at work as on your day off. That means you truly have a passion for the job. That means you'll exceed expectations and excel at what you do. For instance, if you become a helicopter pilot you may go flying, a personal shopper may go shopping, or a surfboard shaper may go surfing. You know you've landed a sweet job if you're pulling in a paycheck, have a sweet office or workplace, and enjoy your day. But usually cool jobs are a way to do cool things.

Odd and interesting jobs are still ... jobs. Just because you do something awesome doesn't mean you've become a bum. There's a paycheck coming whether you're an avalanche forecaster, police sniper, have a golf caddie job, work as a taxidermist, makeup artist, or magic job.brewmaster photo They go to work, they make wages, and they smile. They may be self-employed or work for a large corporation. The most important thing is that they are happy to be alive and excited to go to work. When was the last time you got stoked when your work alarm went off?

Finding the perfect job is a challenge. It may be a never-ending task. It's hard to have everything, which is why you have to make decisions in life. It's always a great idea to do something unique and cool, but be prepared to work hard. Do the research and find a job that will suit you and your talents. Consider where you'll work, how many hours, wages, benefits, and duties. Weigh the pros and cons. Who knows maybe you are destined to be a in a cubicle. But when you really consider it all, remember that your happiness is uber important. What makes you happy?

It's like Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." So what type of job do you love? Concert promoter? Tree farmer? Bike messenger? Personal shopper job? Stuntman? Travel agent? Forensic artist? Boot fitter? Rodeo clown? Bush pilot? Feng Shui consultant? All you really have to do is decide...

Author J.M. Barrie had a good point - you can only consider something work if you would rather be doing something else. So why not find a cool or unique job? Then you won't consider it work. Wouldn't life be nicer if you didn't have to work?


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