Cool and Unique Jobs (S – Z)

Unique Jobs Allow You To Take The Road Less Traveled

Imagine if you never had to work a day in your life. Doesn’t that sound nice? What would you do with all of your free time? It’s an important question to consider. By not working, you’d free up hours of each day and you’d want to do something fun and productive, right? Whether you travel, snowboard, skydive, spot wildlife, take photos, or do something else that makes you smile, you’ll have to do something with your time. Why not turn that something into your job?

We all need to earn a paycheck in order to live the life we want to live. When you focus your job search on cool, unique, bizarre, tough, or odd jobs you’ll be able to make a living doing something that you enjoy. Work won’t even seem like work. This may sound too good to be true, but it’s totally possible when you begin to explore all of the amazing job possibilities that exist out there.

Would you enjoy a job as a surfboard shaper? Martial arts instructor? Safari guide? Glass blower? Voice actor? Taxidermist? Wilderness therapist? Travel writer? Or YouTube partner? If these jobs sound more exciting than your current job, that’s because they are.

When you land one of these unique jobs, it’s a total game changer. Life is meant to be enjoyed so don’t let work be something that gets you down. Instead, find a job where you look forward to work every single day. Are you ready to find the perfect unique job for you?

Zipline Guide in Hawaii

Zip Line Guide

Learn how to be a zip line guide. Zip line course are popping up everywhere.

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School Bus Driver Stopped as School Kids Board Bus

School Bus Driver Jobs

School bus drivers are in high demand. Every day over 480,000 school buses travel our nation’s roads transporting children to school. That’s 480,000 school bus drivers that are needed every day.

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Mascot for Sports Team Performs at Game

Sports Team Mascot Jobs

If you love sports, are athletic, and are creative enough to fill countless hours entertaining and distracting, then consider a career as a mascot.

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Technical Writer Poses for Photo While Working on Her Laptop

Technical Writer Jobs

Can you explain complicated subjects in short and simple words that any audience will understand? Can you write about it? A technical writer gets paid to do just that.

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Female Voice Actor doing Voice Over for Movie

Voice Actor Jobs

If you have a good voice, learn to read and speak conversationally, maintain your voice health, and market yourself, then you can build a voice acting career quickly. All you have to do is talk.

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Zamboni Driver Prepares Ice for Hockey Game

Zamboni Driver Jobs

If you love ice and don’t mind getting cold at work you should consider a job as an ice resurfacer. It’s cool to work with big machines and frozen water.

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Longshoreman Operates Crane to Unload Cargo Ship at Port

Stevedore / Longshoreman Jobs

If you enjoy working outdoors, next to the waterfront, and operating heavy machinery, consider looking for a stevedore job.

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Surfboard Manufacter Shows Off New Line of Surfboards

Surfboard Shaper Jobs

Do you love to surf? If so, this could be a good job option for you. Surfboard shapers design and craft surfboards by hand.

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Taxidermist Shows off Mounted Wild Boar Head

Taxidermist Jobs

No matter what you are working with – fins, feathers, or fur – taxidermy is a unique job. Every time you prepare, stuff, and mount an animal you’ll make money, but you’ll also make someone’s day.

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