Strange and Unusual Job

What type of job do you have? Is it the type of job that will make you smile every single day until you retire? Do you enjoy how you spend your time?

Most jobs aren’t that cool. How did you end up in an uncool career? You’re only there because you chose to be. That’s right, the road of life is full of important decisions and your decisions lead you to where you are right now. What if you could choose your own adventure and begin a totally strange, new career…

Dolphin Trainer feeds Dolphin Photo

It will take determination, but jobs are out there…cool, fun, exciting, even strange or weird jobs you never imagined existed. What are they? Did you ever wonder who…

  • Makes the antivenom for poisonous snake bites?
  • Finds golf balls when you shank them into the middle of a lake?
  • Decides when an ice cream flavor is good enough to sell?
  • Picks up the chewing gum left on a park bench?
  • Assesses furniture’s comfort level?
  • Breaks into banks to test the security?
  • Takes photos of gory crime scenes?
  • Delivers mail to tribes in the Amazon?
  • Farms oysters in middle of the ocean?
  • Blows stuff up?
  • Grows Christmas trees?
  • Sells fireworks?
  • Makes funny sounds?
  • Constructs glass eyeballs?
  • Gets rid or woodpeckers?
  • Draws ski resort maps?
  • Teaches people how to jump out of planes?
  • Dresses up like Santa at the mall?

These are all wacky, odd, unexpected, wild, crazy, unconventional, strange, or just plain weird jobs and careers. They aren’t your traditional career choices, but somebody out there does all of these things, gets paid for it, and enjoys life. It’s a bit bizarre that people do these peculiar jobs, but what if it was you? What if people said to you – “You do WHAT?!”?

Before you get all flustered and wonder why life streamlines you into careers as bankers, rental car agents, repairmen, or nurses – don’t panic. It’s never too late to change your life and do something that’s totally atypical. It may be weird to consider that growing herbs, promoting concerts, designing knives, testing honeymoon retreats, or repossessing airplanes are all careers that you could do, but you can. You have the choice.

There are tons of jobs out there where you can escape from the cubicle. It’s not an easy process and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Do your research:

  • Can I make a living doing this?
  • What companies will hire me?
  • Do I actually make a paycheck?
  • What type of education or certifications will I need?
  • Can I still pay the bills?

Your answers to these questions will help pave your career roadmap and help you decide if you’re ready to wrestle alligators, spray cheese, or ink tattoos. Decide if you want a total change or if you just want to get your toes wet. A lot of strange jobs allow you to work part-time or freelance when it fits your schedule. This way you can get a taste of freedom, a secondary income, and build experience at the same time – that’s a nice mix.

Do you have interests beyond writing memos and attending boring meetings? If so, you may wonder how you can find a strange job? Hobbies are a good place to start. What do you do for fun? Stuff animals, act like Elvis, or make model cars? If you enjoy it, someone out there works in that field and is making money off your hobby. Maybe they are developing Frisbee golf discs, testing mountaineering equipment, trying condoms, developing fragrances, or saving sea turtles – and they are getting paid good wages.

The big question is how to decide on a weird career for you? Think of things you’re interested in or good at and there is a job that relates – no matter how weird and off the beaten track the job might be:

None of these jobs may have been in your original life plan, but plans change. Why don’t you make a career switcharoo? It’s never too late. There is a whole world of jobs that might appeal to you. And who knows where your next office will be – a dance studio? A street-side café in France?

Hiding in a barrel? High in the air? Climbing a mountain? In a lab? In front of a crystal ball? On a farm?

You choose.

These jobs and other strange careers are available all over our world. It may take some time to find the perfect one for you, but if you are determined, you will. Google your hobbies and passions. Network and ask manufacturers, stores, associations, societies, other hobby lovers, and professionals about your weird job quest. Find apprenticeships and develop portfolios. Gain certifications or even go back to school. Attend meetings, workshops, and conventions. Hold your head high and be proud. It takes time to find a weird job, but when you do you’ll be amazed at how awesome it is.

What it comes down to is that you should follow your passion no matter how weird, strange, and quirky it might be. Take a chance. Turn your weird into a career.

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