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It’s always exciting to be given a gift, but it’s even better to receive a nicely wrapped gift. Wrapping gifts is an art form that in reality is much more challenging than it appears. It requires supplies, attention to detail, and specific tactics for wrapping success. That’s why people will pay a professional gift wrapper to wrap their presents for them.

Gift wrappers wrap gifts for other people. These gift wrapping pros are experts at tight folds, crisp creases, and curled bows. They can take any item, regardless of shape or size, and make it look picture perfect. Most people don’t enjoy wrapping presents because it’s a time consuming and tedious task. But we can all agree that having a professionally wrapped gift is a fantastic final touch to a well thought out present. It adds to the presentation experience and people enjoy and appreciate it.

Presents Just Wrapped by Professional Gift Wrapper

Gift wrappers are busiest during the Christmas rush, holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other big events. For the majority of gift wrappers, gift wrapping is a temporary or seasonal job.

It’s not common, but also not unheard of, for dedicated gift wrappers to find work year round. These go-getters may own their own gift wrapping shops, run gift wrapping courses, or find work at retail stores and department stores that offer gift wrapping services that cater to other events like birthdays or anniversaries. Often gift wrapping jobs overlap with other retail positions.

If you want to become a gift wrapper, you need to be an expert at wrapping gifts. You need to know when to use bubble wrap, double stick tape, or bows. You must learn the techniques to hide price tags, wrap fragile items, work with irregularly shaped gifts, and when to use gift bags. The best gift wrappers can make paper flowers, mix textures, work with patterns, design bows and fans, match colors, create boxes, and wrap oddly shaped gifts – like a broom or a grill. It takes a mix of design, creativity, and skill to be a good gift wrapper.

To master these tasks, practice wrapping presents of all shapes and sizes. Focus on paper selection, wrapping materials, and the necessary tools. Those tools include paper, tape, ribbon, scissors, rotary cutters, markers, labels, ribbons, and more. Then find a big working area to spread out and wrap.

Wrapping gifts for money isn’t without risks. Working with scissors and getting paper cuts are always a possibility, but the risk is worth the reward when you put the final bow on perfectly wrapped present. While you may never see it, excited gift recipients around the world will be thrilled with your hard work.

To find a gift wrapper job, apply for jobs at retail, floral, or department stores. You do not need any formal training, although there are a some gift wrapping courses available online, at hobby stores, and with year-round gift wrappers.

Gift wrapping is a cool job where you can earn a bit of extra income or find seasonal or full-time work. Most gift wrappers make near minimum wage or work on a per present wrapped basis. Other times gift wrappers work as volunteers. It’s definitely a job that will make you smile.

To be a successful gift wrapper you need to enjoy the process of wrapping presents. If you love wrapping (and unwrapping) perfectly wrapped presents then maybe you should find a gift wrapper job.

Quick Facts About Gift Wrappers

Job Title: Gift Wrapper
Office: Wrapping work space
Description: Wrap gifts
Certifications/Education: No formal training required
Necessary Skills: Attention to Detail, Gift Wrapping Experience, Creativity
Potential Employers: Retail Stores, Department Stores, Self Employed
Pay: Minimum Wage, Per Gift Basis, or Volunteer

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