Cool and Unique Jobs List (D – L)

These Unique Jobs Are Total Game Changers For Your Job Search

When you tell people what you do for a living, do they get jealous? They should. It’s your job to find an interesting job that allows you to be you. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the working world gets funneled into a wide range of boring jobs. Don’t let this happen to you!

Open your eyes and you’ll see that the world is filled with cool and unique opportunities. Many of the best jobs in the world aren’t necessarily the ones that people hear about. Did you know that every single day people get paid to be ethical hackers, game wardens, feng shui consultants, dolphin trainers, greeting card writers, Instagrammers, image consultants, or gunsmiths? They do. And you could to.

Do you want one of these unique jobs? Of course you do. No one wants to get stuck in a job they hate. Instead you need to set yourself up for success and find a job that fits your personality and your passions. When you can pull that off, you’ll be excited when your alarm clock goes off for work in the morning.

Explore JobMonkey’s Unique Jobs Guide and you’ll find a world of opportunities that you’ve never even considered before. Will you collect your next paycheck as a gum taster? Industrial designer? Genetic counselor? Hot air balloon pilot? Food critic? Data scientist? Elvis impersonator? You might if you’re willing to push your comfort zone and find a unique job.

Land one of these cool jobs and the next time someone asks you what you do for living, you’ll make them jealous.

Golf Beverage

Golf Course Beverage Cart Attendant Jobs

Drive a golf cart around the golf course selling beer and other beverages to thirsty golfers.

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Helicopter Pilot Landing on Roof

Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Learn how to get a high paying job as a helicopter pilot.

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Legal Computer Hacker Photo

Ethical Hacker Job

Make great money putting your computer hacking skills to work to test security systems to expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Legally!

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Dolphin Trainer Feeding a Dolphin

Dolphin Trainer Jobs

Learn how to become a dolphin trainer.

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Tongue Most Important Tool for Flavorist

Flavorist Jobs

Flavorists, or flavor chemists, are scientists who create and duplicate flavors. If you have a keen sense of smell and taste, this might be a great job for you.

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Data Scientist Staring at Blackboard

Data Scientist Jobs

Data scientist are in huge demand and often make well into the six figures for salary.

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