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Are you organized? Can you find your tools in the garage, your paycheck on the desk, or your favorite shirt in the closet? Do you have too much clutter in your life? If so you may want to contact a professional organizer to help sort out your life.

Professional Organizers Help get People's Lives Back on Track

A professional organizer, or organizing consultant, works with individuals, families, offices, and businesses to help reduce clutter and organize space, time, and life. Their goal is to help change the way that space is used. A professional organizer is similar to having a personal trainer for life – they delve into client’s personal lives, possessions, and spaces and help bring the clutter down a notch. Organization is an invaluable luxury.

Professional organizers are coaches, trainers, advisors, and doers. Their job consists of advising client’s on organizing techniques, styles, trends, needs, and uses. After which the client is required to make his own decisions. Do they want to throw away this or move that to the attic? This job involves lots of communication with the client. In fact, some people have serious real life struggles with clutter. To get a glimpse into the life of a professional organizer, try watching TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive or A&E’s Hoarders.

Professional organizers sift and sort through people’s things. After a client contacts a professional organizer, the professional organizer visits the client. The job could be at an office or a home. All sorts of spaces need organizing – offices, closets, kitchens, basements, attics, garages, bedrooms. Professional organizers can also help organize filing systems, business techniques, daily routines, habits, and hobbies. The client and professional organizer form a plan of action that will achieve organizing success.

No two jobs are ever the same. Professional organizers may help to sift through the odds and ends in the garage, organize an entire filing system for a small business, trash old clothes, sort through paperwork, discover what the kitchen counter looks like, even arrange furniture. Professional organizers see a lot of personal clutter and they see how the clutter affects their clients. To them nothing is better than the delight on a person’s face when they realize what being organized truly means.

Ideally, the work of a professional organizer will help maximize space, reduce clutter, increase productivity, reduce stress, and most importantly organize the client. It’s the responsibility of the client to stay on top of their newly organized life after the job is completed.

Many professional organizers learn the job by working on their own homes first and attending classes and conferences. Most professional organizers are self-employed. It takes time to build a resume with references and a reliable client base.

Professional organizations like the National Association of Professional Organizers help professionals stay up to date on industry information and current trends. Many professional organizers also build their resumes by gaining certification through the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.

Organizing people’s spaces and lives is challenging work. Every job needs something new and different. Every project is totally unique and cool and each one takes varied amounts of time. Every client is unique. This is why professional organizers charge hourly rates. Rates depend on where you live and what type of project, but on average they range from $40 to $90 per hour or about $42,000 per year.

Professional organizers have an entertaining job. They are always traveling to new spots and their office is different on every project. If being organized is in your blood and you think you can bring order out of chaos, then maybe this is the job for you.

Quick Facts About Organizer Jobs

Job Title: Professional Organizer, Clutter Consultant, Organizing Consultant
Office: Other people’s homes or offices
Description: Reduce clutter and help organize spaces, time, and events in both residential and business settings
Certifications/Education: No formal education required
Necessary Skills: Organizational skills, communication skills
Potential Employers: Individuals, families, businesses
Pay: $40 to $90 per hour, $42,000 per year on average

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