Recommended ESL Teacher Resources

Below are some useful internet links on teaching English in Europe. But try not to just use these online resources, especially if you are already in the area in which you want to teach. If you don’t want to work for the larger schools, then simply check out the smaller language schools in the area you settle in. Get a list from the local phone directory and map and start knocking on doors.

Use These Resources Along with Local Ones to Improve Your Chances of Finding a Job

There are a large number of schools in most European countries so you will have a large number of institutions to apply to.

Also, check out advertisements in local expatriate hangouts and consider putting your own ad up and in the local newspapers for private tutoring. Each city is going to have a place where expats in general and English teachers in particular like to relax, so odds are you are going to be hanging around there a lot anyway!

General TESL Information Resources

International ESL Schools

ESL Job Listing Websites

Country Specific ESL Teacher Resources





United Kingdom

Eastern Europe

JobMonkey’s Guide to Teaching in Eastern Europe


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